Our Duty of Care

  1. The cats will be house cats.
  2. All cats will have a full health check and require clean bill of health (eg vaccinations)
  3. There will also be constant health monitoring
  4. The cats will have their own private section kept at a correct temperature where individual cat beds will be provided, accessible at any time via a cat flap.
  5. There will be full monitoring of the cats both during day and overnight. CCTV monitoring will take place.  The cats must never feel neglected.
  6. The cats will have a standard diet of meat and fish and will be fed on a regular basis during the period 7.30am to 8pm. Customers are not allowed to feed the cats.
  7. The cats are selected carefully to ensure that they are comfortable in a social environment and there is no bullying from one cat to another.
  8. There is full scale cleaning conducted between 7am and 8am every day
  9. Each cat has its picture and profile on the wall to encourage greater interaction by the customer

“The primary concern of the business will be the care and wellbeing of the individual cats.”